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The Sikh Interfaith Council of Victoria (SICV) is an incorporated non-profit organisation, with a vision to create greater awareness and understanding of Sikhs and Sikhism in the Australian community. Since its formation on 1st September 2002, SICV’s mission has been to represent Sikhs on the multi-faith platform in Victoria.

It has been invited, time and again to interfaith events and approached by government agencies to make representation on issues concerning the Sikhs in Victoria. SICV promotes and works for dialogue, respect and understanding among all religions.


There are a large number of Interfaith Networks in the Metropolitan Melbourne area and SICV is represented on many of these. Our representation depends on availability and settlement of our people within the locality where the network is formed. We try and reach as many areas as possible. Besides the local Council Interfaith Networks, we are also represented in the following key multi-faith groups.

We are happy to engage in the activities of the networks because all are concerned with promoting respect, harmony, and understanding. Our presence enables us to present the Sikh point of view and if need be make representations about the Sikh faith Activities are varied from offering a prayer, singing a Shabad (hymn), sharing a meal, discussing local issues, making a presentation, attending a forum, a festival or hosting a tour of place of worship.