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A number of volunteers of Sikh Interfaith Council of Victoria (SICV) provide spiritual and pastoral care at hospitals, prisons and with Victoria Police.  They work in association with Chaplaincy Departments and attend to Sikh patients on a needs basis. At times SICV volunteers respond to queries of hospital chaplaincy co-ordinators and other staff. Visits are often made where deemed necessary.  

SICV has participated in discussions and provided input from Sikh Perspective in creation and dedication of Sacred Spaces at several hospitals e.g. Dandenong, Frankston, Casey, Austin and a Spiritual Centre at RMIT University.

On several occasions SICV was called upon to make presentation to medical staff and chaplains for the care of Sikh patients at various hospitals e.g. at Austin, Monash and Casey. SICV representatives attended Conferences organized by Spiritual Health Victoria (SHV) including the Inaugural Meeting of Spiritual Care Australia in February 2010. In March 2014 SICV held a Multifaith education program at Gurduara Sahib Blackburn, attended by 21 Chaplains from throughout Metropolitan Melbourne.

In recognition of our contribution SICV recently gained membership of the Council of Spiritual Health Victoria.  SICV has a volunteer assigned to the Chaplaincy Department of Victoria Police

SICV published a guide in 2002 and reprinted in 2004, entitled “Sikh Patients in Hospitals: A Guide for Health Care Professionals” which was distributed to all hospitals in Australia.    

In 2014 SICV published “Sikh Protocol of Celebrating the Life of a Loved One”. This is an information guide for performing the last rites upon death of an individual; summarising the religious; legal; and commercial aspects of the process.      



This program is run by the Sikh Interfaith Council of Victoria with the support of Religions for Peace.

Religions for Peace Australia oversees the Special Religious Instruction (SRI) for Buddhists; Baha’i; Hindus; Greek Orthodox; and Sikhs in State Primary Schools.

The current system requires State Primary Schools  to send a form to the parents  listing all religious instruction available to the children. The child has to opt in to the chosen religious instruction.

SICV has published a “Sikh Religious Instruction in Victorian State Primary Schools” program information, which is available by clicking on this link

This program information is also available on the Religions for Peace Australia website